Personal Planning
Personal Planning
Life Insurance
When should you have life insurance?
There are many reasons to own the right type for your unique needs. And just as many reasons to not heed all the hype in the sales presentations.
Personal Planning
Annuity Planning
What is the purpose of an annuity?
A well-designed annuity can serve you well for income now and in the future for yourself and your heirs.
Personal Planning
Long Term Care
How long do people need long term care?
Life expediencies are extending well past that of just a few generations ago. Challenge is, can you afford it?
Personal Planning
Retirement Planning
Are you taking advantage of opportunities for personal tax planning with new provisions in tax law?
The new tax laws have given C Corps and their owners a nice tax deduction. The challenge is for individuals who are self-employed and exceed income limitations for the 20% deduction.
Personal Planning
Charitable Giving
What are your wishes to make the difference and create a legacy with your gift?
There are many paths one can take to gift a part or all the wealth you have accumulated.
Personal Planning
Trust Planning Strategies
Is it advantageous to put an independent Trustee in charge of plans for your wealth distribution?
We work on preparing you on the emotional and tax ramifications. We construct strategies which become part of your overall plan.
Personal Planning
Selling Unneeded Policies
Is it wise to sell off a life policy no longer needed or can afford?
Our consultants review the pros and cons for your situation and analyze policies for best benefit outcomes.
Personal Planning
Fraud Protection
Identity and wealth theft cost people close to $905 million annually. How much could it cost you?
One must have not only personal alerts but a whole planning process to help you when it hits you squarely in the pocketbook.
Personal Planning
Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning
Do you have an asset protection plan?
Your best allies are attorneys who study tax laws and keep up with the constantly changing estate and wealth transfer environment.
We help you plan and monitor for the best allowable actions to take.
Personal Planning
Foreign National Planning
Are you or a spouse a foreign national?
Families face challenges with their assets, investments and holdings and the financial ties to US tax laws.
We design strategic plans with you to plan the best options on transferring assets to the family.